Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Sticks

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This is what true chocolate perfection tastes like. With a creamy filling of homemade hazelnut butter and fruity cacao, these chocolate sticks are covered in 70% dark chocolate. The result is a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience that will send you straight into chocolate heaven!

Ingredients: Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic roasted hazelnuts, organic sugar cane

About the Artisan: Morito Chocolates was born from the idea to combine a love for chocolates with an appreciation for the culture, beauty, and community of the Dominican Republic. Founder and owner, Priscilla Terrero, grew up near a cacao farm in the Dominican Republic and used her home as inspiration to create her own hand-crafted chocolate company. Each product is vegan, organic, gluten-free, and produced in small batches. Morito Chocolates is proud to be a female-owned company. Morito's main goal is to use sustainable sourcing and manufacturing to create bridges between communities and make a delicious product that everyone can enjoy.

Made in Brooklyn, New York