Our Artisans

Scrumptious Secrets supports over 20 unique artisans.

Our mission is to spread love and joy while helping artisans who respect our Earth. Our artisans are artists with a craft that is from nature and will one day return to nature (after much enjoyment, of course) with as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Whether or not their craft is edible, it is made with quality, love, sustainability. In order for a food to earn the honor of being scrumptious, it has to be truly natural. Our producers only use the finest all-natural and local (when possible) ingredients in their products. Each food product is made in small batches to maintain the highest quality.

By sending a Scrumptious Secrets gift, not only are you spreading love and joy, but you are supporting artisans and their families across our national community. Read a few of their stories below:


blake hill preserves about vicky and joe

Founded by Vicky Allard & Joe Hanglin and made in Grafton, Vermont

Vicky (left) - founder of Blake hill preserves Jess (right) - Founder of Scrumptious secrets, llc


Vicky Allard and Joe Hanglin grew up across the Atlantic in England and Gibraltar. Vermont's beauty captivated their hearts, and they purchased Blake Hill Farm. The power couple combined their amazing culinary talents to cultivate their love of traditional preserve making. They are constantly exploring new recipes for creating the most delicious, artisanal chutneys, conserves, preserves and marmalades from the highest-quality, non-GMO or organic ingredients. Each product is inspired by their childhood memories and unique culinary heritages.

Blake Hill Preserves is the first US producer to win gold at The World Marmalade Awards. In the last few years they have been awarded five Gold Medals, six US Good Food Awards, and a SOFI.


Burke Mountain Salted Dark Chocolate Maple Caramel Truffle with a fat toad farm caramel drizzel


Founded by Tom & Nancy and made in Burke Mountain, Vermont

After running a successful landscape design company in the south for nineteen years, Tom and Nancy knew they were ready for a change not only to cooler weather, but also to a life that was simpler, the life Vermont truly offers.

The desire for simplicity translated into the basis of their chocolates - nothing complicated, everything delicious and pure.

Tom and Nancy have four kids and enjoy making delicious chocolates for you and your loved ones.

Tom and Nancy, Burke Mountain Founders



Whitney from Witney's Castleton Crackers

Founded by Whitney Lamy and made in South Woodstock, Vermont.

As an artist and baker Whitney has always been fascinated by the origins of various foods. Wanting to start a business, this passion led her to look “outside the box.” In the early 1800’s Josiah Bent from Massachusetts decided to make a lighter and thinner version of Hardtack, a soldiers and seafarers staple. Bent rolled out sheets of dough, baked, and hand “cracked” them. Castleton Crackers uses this technique to make crackers for friends, family, and people like you.

Castleton Crackers debuted at the Rutland Vermont Farmer’s Market in 2008. After growth and expansion, Whitney joined with like-minded folks at the award-winning Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company.


Photo by IGCP.org


Founded by Mike Rosenberg and Made in Montgomery CenterVT

Garuka is the name of one of the few surviving mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Garuka [gah-roo-ka] and others like him have suffered from the crossfire of human conflict, poaching, and the stresses of encroaching human activity. Today, their future looks bleak. Garuka Bars, wants to restore their chance at a better future. In fact, Garuka’s full name can be roughly translated from Kinyarwanda as “Return Well”.

This Garuka bar went to Mexico! Photo Taken by Dr Jay from  Cazes Family Dentistry  - Hackettstown, nJ


Garuka Bars, through the leadership of Mike Rosenberg, has made it their mission to not only delight and energize their customers with bars, but to also lend a helping hand by donating a percentage of their sales to help support the protection of mountain gorillas.  Whenever a Garuka Bar is purchased, customers are not only taking care of themselves, but also contributing to the conservation of mountain gorillas like Garuka.

"Eat better, feel better! My bars are made with real foods you can see and pronounce, and take a balanced approach to nutrition. Try one and you’ll see the difference in your energy and how you feel almost immediately!" - Mike


monkey chew bar.jpg

Founded by Andrew and Mary and Made in Cavendish, VT

Andrew and Mary


In pursuit of something delicious, nutritious, and shippable to friends around the world, Andrew and his wife, Mary, made their first fruitcakes as gifts. Since 1986 they sold their fruitcakes.

As time went on they found them selves developing the habit of biking. On the trail, they found themselves constantly hungry - they needed a granola bar to keep them fueled to get over the hills. After many attempts they finalized the Monkey Chew Granola Bar.

Old Cavendish Products - making the world smile, one chew at a time.


Northwoods Apiaries' bee - vermont


Founded by Joshua White and Made in Westfield, Vermont

Josh from Northwoods Apiaries Vermont

Joshua White has been beekeeping for more than 20 years. Their farm is just south of the Canadian border. 

Josh and his team focus on developing beekeeping practices that guarantee the highest levels of quality for their products, while preserving and protecting the environment.    


Historical picture of the plymouth cheese corp, photo credit to plymouth artisan cheese


Founded by Colonel John Coolidge (1890). Current Cheese Maker is Jesse Werner and Made in Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Plymouth Artisan Cheese produces artisanal raw cow's milk cheeses with milk received from a single local herd that they continually monitor for quality. All of their milk comes from a farm that engages in the best dairy practices and humane treatment of their livestock. Only the finest and freshest milk goes into our cheeses.

Each wheel and block of cheese is crafted, cut, and waxed by hand - the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Plymouth artisan cheese cheesemaker Jesse Werner

The Plymouth Cheese Factory is the second oldest cheese factory in the United States - producing high quality and distinctive artisan cheeses for over 125 years. The factory still occupies the same site and building as it did when it was built in 1890 in Plymouth, Vermont by Col. John Coolidge, father of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. John Coolidge, a dairy farmer, created Plymouth Cheese as a means of turning extra milk into a product with a longer shelf life, using the same exacting granular curd recipe that the first European settlers brought with them to the New World.

Jesse Werner has since revived the recipe and the original way they used to dip the cheese in wax. Plymouth Cheese is the closest thing consumers can find to the cheeses America’s first farmers produced in the 1600's. Plymouth Artisan Cheese may be the only cheesemaker that still produces this distinctive and original American heritage cheese.


potlicker beer jelly scrumptious secrets

Founded by Walter & Nancy Werner and Made in Stowe, Vermont

Nancy and Walter


Leaving their careers in archaeology, Nancy and Walter relocated to Vermont in order for Walter to attend the Vermont Law School. As Walter mastered cultural resource law, Nancy focused on the local bounty and took great interest in Vermont's foods and beers.

Soon, the couple was selling Nancy's strawberry chipotle jam in the farmer's market. In the winter, when there was a lack of fresh fruit, Nancy came up with the greatest idea of creating wine and beer jellies. One winter when fresh fruit was out of stock Nancy began turning all ordinary things (like coffee or wine) into jelly.

After making wine jelly, Nancy was determined to create a jelly that tasted like beer. The first beer jellies were cooked up late winter 2011 with a local homebrew. As Potlicker Beer Jelly began to gain ground, the homebrew crew couldn't be asked to keep up with demand. The Beer Jelly is now sourced from at least six local Vermont craft breweries.

Today, Potlicker Kitchen continues its commitment to sharing the taste of their products to those who not only love jams and jellies, but beer and wine as well.

One of the most unexpected and most wonderful side stories of this whole journey is my "beer-ducation". I have learned so much about beer styles and the brewing process. I have met, and get to work, with a wonderful group of brewers and like-minded individuals. Each of us is committed to preserving a craft and sharing the art with others. - Nancy


David Fay (Left) and James Spanier (right) in the sugar house - jeffersonville, Vermont


Founded by David Fay and James Spanier and Made in Cambridge, Vermont

In 2011 James Spanier and his good friend, David Fay, began sugaring. After a few years of working side-by-side, helping one another balance time in the sugarhouse and taking care of their families, David was ready to take Ravenscroft’s Maple Syrup one-step further. He started making maple cream, granulated maple sugar, and maple candies.

Jess and her cousins


They have been adding more and more taps to the maple trees on Bartlett Hill each year. The health of the trees and making the best maple syrup in an organic way is their priority.

Fun Fact - Ravenscroft Farm was named after David's first born, Raven. Raven is 10 and now has two younger sisters, Wren and Rowan. Their mother and Dave’s wife, Nikki, teaches yoga in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Nikki actually took care of my brother and I when we were little rascals.

Also, James is my Uncle! I stay with him and his family when I go on my business trips.


Franklin and Ingrid True North Granola

Founded by Ingrid & Franklin Chrisco and Made in Brattleboro, Vermont

True North Granola Company was created because of Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco's love of healthy and wholesome food. Both are lifelong educators: always passionate about learning and teaching. Through True North Granola Company, they have made it their mission to help promote healthy eating habits in schools. They work with local schools to provide free and healthy granola to students. As both educators and entrepreneurs, Ingrid and Franklin continue to make students and customers happy and healthy with their granola. For the past 6 years, True North has donated granola to local schools in Brattleboro, VT and has supplied granola to public school cafeteria services.  As the company grows, True North hopes to expand granola donations and promotion of healthy food in schools to other communities where True North is sold.

It is the careful selection of high quality, healthy ingredients that sets True North Granola apart from other granola companies. Franklin and Ingrid use all-natural or organic ingredients (Vermont-made/grown when possible) in their products, and pay more for organic, unprocessed, and non GMO.  Chemicals and processed ingredients are banned from the premises!  They even add a little bit of love to create a crunchy perfection.

In addition, the dried fruit is not sweetened with sugar! Rather, the fruit is infused with apple juice to titillate your palate!


A Vermont Artisan Coffee farmer :-)


Founded by Mané Alves and Made in Waterbury, Vermont

Mané testing the coffee's flavor


Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea is owned and operated by Mané Alves, a native of Lisbon, Portugal, who has worked in the specialty coffee industry for over 20 years. Before moving to coffee you would have found Mané in California exploring the ins and outs of the wine industry.

Mané (pronounced “Meh-nay”)  travels extensively every year to coffee producing countries throughout Central America, South America and Asia , where he speaks and teaches seminars on coffee production and quality standards. With most trips, Mané cups coffees from the latest harvests and discovers unique lots of green coffees that he purchases and ships back to Vermont to roast.


vermont smoke and cure.jpg

Founded by Roland LeFebvre (1962). Growing under Chris Bailey and Made in Hinesburg, Vermont

It all began with Roland LeRebvre, when he started the smokehouse as “Roland’s” in 1962. Roland based his recipes on traditional Vermont methods and ingredients. He brined his bacon and ham with the finest sweetener available, Vermont maple syrup. Then, he smoked them using locally available natural smoke fuels, corncobs, and maple wood. 

In 2006 Roland’s became Vermont Smoke and Cure. Using Roland’s same recipes and methods, you can taste a piece of Vermont craftsmanship. 

Important Meat Information:

Maple wood shaving for smoked meats vermont
  • Primarily smoke using ground corn cobs and maple wood shavings - traditional smoke sources in Vermont. They never use liquid or artificial smoke flavor.

  • They hand trim all of the meats and grind the meats on-site.

  • Their uncured items use natural preservatives to ensure food safety. In the Sticks and Summer Sausage, instead of just adding acids, they ferment to lower pH the old-school way for the best flavor.

  • Pork primarily comes from DuBreton (Quebec, Canada). Their secondary source is Coleman Natural Meats (Kings Mountain, NC).

  • Beef primarily comes from Pineland Farms Natural Beef (Gloucester, ME). Their secondary source is National Beef® Packing Company (Kansas City, MO)

  • Turkey comes from Plainville Farms (New Oxford, PA)

  • All meat is raised without antibiotics, vegetarian fed and without added hormones.

Chris has the same driving passion that inspired Roland over 50 years ago: to create great tasting meats that make customers smile. Chris is a former professional cyclist and farmer and loves to cook. He has a deep reverence for our land and an intricate understanding of our food industry. A former vegetarian turned conscious meat-eater, Chris is committed to making livestock farming more humane and sustainable while making the food we eat more healthy and delicious.


Wozz Kiwi Lime Salsa

Founded by Warrick (Wozz) & Ashley Tommo and Made in Hardwick, Vermont

wozz sailing.jpg

Wozz once traveled the globe, working on private yachts and cooking for the wealthy and sometimes famous. He sailed and worked as a private chef on a dozen different luxury yachts for seven years, until he met Ashley.  They fell in love, got married, and moved to New England, where they fused together bold exotic spices and fresh local ingredients.  Before they realized it, they had a line of gourmet products. Today, Wozz handcrafts true artisan specialty foods, using only the finest ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients.