The Cheese Craze - Scrumptious Secrets
The Cheese Craze - Scrumptious Secrets
The Cheese Craze - Scrumptious Secrets

The Cheese Craze

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The Secrets

  1. White Senora Crackers by Hayden Flour Mills
  2. Salted Maple Crackers by Castleton Crackers
  3. Original Cheddar, aged 1 year, by Plymouth Artisan Cheese
  4. Black Truffle Cheese by Plymouth Artisan Cheese 
  5. Hunter Extra Sharp Cheddar, aged 2 years, by Plymouth Artisan Cheese
  6. Option to add Garlic Peppercorn Cheese by Plymouth Artisan Cheese
  7. Peppermint Bark by Burke Mountain Confectionery*
  8. Salt and Pepper Peanuts by Hope and Harmony Farms
  9. Smoked Uncured Sausage by Vermont Smoke and Cure
  10. Smoked Uncured Pepperoni by Vermont Smoke and Cure
  11. White Birch Soy Candle by Farm Kitchen Candle Co.
  12. Option to add and choose a charcuterie board - stunning board handcrafted by Twenty Five and Pine. 

The Story
Let the Holiday Craze turn into a Cheese Craze! Satisfy all of your snacking cravings and send your giftee into cheese heaven with this delectable gift. Enjoy three artisan cheeses paired with salty and sweet maple crackers, stone ground flour crackers, savory sausage, and scrumptious salt and pepper peanuts. Finish your evening off with mouth-watering, delicious peppermint bark. Blow your guests away with a stunning, beautifully handcrafted wooden cheese board from Twenty Five and Pine. Time to get your munch on! 

*Currently exchanging the Peppermint Bark for Maple Bark

The Details
Hand packed with love in our signature gift packaging in our new wooden gift box. Includes a Handwritten Card. Gift ships in 1 - 3 business days, unless you have a special request at checkout.