Maple Soda

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Refreshing, rejuvenating, sweet -  yet not too sweet. This isn't your typical soda. Rather than mounds of refined sugar, SAP! uses maple sap to make this drink. Did we just say maple sap? Yes, we did. Which means this soda is PACKED with nutrients and vitamins. This may just be the ultimate kids' drink. (Kid can mean us older folk too.)

Just a glimpse of health benefits: Low-Glycemic, 46 naturally occurring nutrients, electrolytes from Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorus, prebiotics from Inulin, and antioxidants from Polyphenols. 12 fl oz

Ways to Enjoy: When doing yard work Maple Soda is our go-to. Refreshing and gives you that boost to keep going. Drink straight from the can or enjoy over ice. Use as a cocktail mixer!

Ingredients: Organic Carbonated Maple Sap, Citric Acid

Made in Burlington, Vermont