Meat Head - Texas BBQ Infused Sea Salt

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Meat Head is a sea salt infused with a traditional Texas BBQ mix. It's a sweet take on smokey and hickory, and it makes anything delectable. Great for any meat lover, but vegetarians, please don't let the name fool you. Heavily sprinkle your veggies with Meat Head and you will be fighting with your family for the last green bean - kids included! This is a grill master must-have. 3.4 oz

Comes with a recipe card and salt spoon.

Ways to Enjoy: Use as a rub for meat and vegetables. Great for steak, burgers, chicken, cauliflower, peppers, and green beans. Use to make your own salsa!  

About the Artisan: Factory-made table salts are the ones doctors tell us to stay away from because of chemicals that are added, such as bleach, anti-caking agents and pouring agents. Meanwhile pure, naturally harvested, and unrefined salts are an essential mineral we need as humans. It's the passion for helping people understand how important the right salt is fueled Kimarie Santiago in starting her business, Saltopia. Found to help bring families together and add flavor the healthy way. All of her ingredients are naturally harvested and combined with love and excitement. 

Made in Hackettstown, NJ