3 Ways to Give Gifts More Sustainably

3 Ways to Give Gifts More Sustainably

By Jess Wismer, CEO of Scrumptious Secrets

Our mission is centered around love: for our customers, gift recipients, artisan partners, employees — and our Earth. It’s why we choose to partner with artisans who craft from nature and respect for our planet and why we use sustainable packaging solutions that minimize our impact on the environment. Our goal is that each gift brings its recipient the peace, beauty, and connection that nature provides.

Will you join us in taking action for our planet? Here are three ways you can be more sustainable in your gift giving: 

  1. For every gift sent this month, we’ll plant a tree in partnership with The Canopy Project. That means your gift recipient will have a tree planted in their honor in an area of the world in urgent need of rehabilitation. Reforestation can help mitigate the effects of climate change, clean the air we breathe, provide economic development for nearby communities, and create habitats for animals. How many trees can we plant together?
  2. Reuse the cotton bags in your gift bundle. All of our gift bundles are packaged in Leafico reusable natural cotton bags. Looking for a way to reuse yours? They’re great for food storage (bread, nuts, grains, fruits, and veggies) and have other uses in the kitchen, like straining nut milk! You can also use them to store shoes, jewelry, or makeup, or to organize your purse or backpack.

  3. Reuse the wood curls used in your gift packaging. Instead of using crinkle paper, we use Sylvacurl's beautiful wood curls because they're better for the environment. Looking for a way to reuse yours? Fully biodegradable, they make great garden mulch or compost filler, firestarter, or even to line a small pet cage!

Our planet provides us with so much, and we must show it some love in return. What better way than by spreading love and joy to others at the same time?

Send a Gift, Plant a Tree!


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