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Employees, Clients, and Referral Partners look forward to their Scrumptious Secrets Gift each year! They can't stop talking about the scrumptious fun finds and local favorites that YOU sent. Office workers get giddy. Employees feel appreciated. Clients feel special. Referral Partners can't wait to send you more business.

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A "Taste" of How We Can Help

Custom Corporate Gifts Manufacturing Industry

Gifting Excellence

Excellence is one of our core values. We aim for practicing positive speech, honesty, and integrity - especially when no one is looking. In our lives we strive for excellence so we can bring excellence into our relationships and every gift that leaves our workshop.

Custom packaging for corporate gifts and clients gifts

Custom Branding + Packaging

We can make one of our online offerings into a custom gift for your brand or design a unique gift for your gifting project. Have stationary, business cards, or promotional items you want to include? Send it to us and we will include it as a complimentary service! Our mailing address is 95 W Main St, #133, Chester, NJ 07930.

Bulk Gifting Made Personal

Whether we are sending 20 or 1,000 each gift can have it's own unique message, packaging, and address. All while delivering on time and keeping lead times short.

Increase engagement + Loyalty

Employee Birthday Gifts

Imagine after a grueling day at work, you came home to find a birthday gift from your employer or team leader. How would that make you feel? We love helping our clients love on their employees. Let us help you encourage your team!

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I have been so happy partnering with Jess and Scrumptious Secrets over the past few years. The quality and customer service are over the top. I get great responses from vendors, clients, and staff. Highly recommend.

Christopher, ICON

Everything spoke to thoughtful care with a personal touch. I was so impressed. In fact, three months later I went to work for the company that gifted me my gift box! Of course, there is a little more to the story, but, what an impression it made! I still have the handwritten card.

Grant, Corporate Giftee

Proud to be local

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