Our Mission

We provide the opportunity to give more than words, because we're more than just another gift box.

Giving is a love language that brings joy, relieves tensions, and demonstrates love. Our hope is that with each gift given, relationships will grow stronger, spirits will be lifted, and a spark of love and joy will grow. We want to help you plant that spark through our curated gifts that support talented Artisans who benefit their community, focus on quality, and practice sustainability. Each gift is designed as an escape from the day-to-day stresses, bringing your loved one or client closer to nature.

What are our Scrumptious Secrets?

The secret behind our scrumptious boxes are the items you'll find inside. Each item has been hand-picked and crafted in small batches using natural ingredients local to each artisan. For example, our friends at Plymouth Artisan Cheese produce artisanal raw cow's milk cheeses with milk received from a single local herd that they continually monitor for quality. All of their milk comes from a farm that engages in the best dairy practices and humane treatment of their livestock.

Our Story

The Beginning: Scrumptious Secrets was founded on February 24th, 2015, by Jess Wismer. She used her entrepreneurial drive to create a product that has been long-lasting and a culture of finding ways to express love through more than words. Her passion was unbridled, and the positive reviews came pouring in, and soon Scrumptious Secrets was on the tip of the tongue whenever someone thought of finding a way to appreciate someone. While growing Scrumptious Secrets into a sustainable business, Jess was also growing her family. In 2023, it was clear to her the moving one was best for her family, and to allow someone else to carry the torch of providing delicious gifts and continue to offer more than just a gift box. 

Today: Enter Jon Burrington, someone who is constantly looking for ways to do and be, more than ordinary. Raised in Pennsylvania, Jon has spent much of his adult life in PA as well as in Maine where he owned and operated Cornerstone Grill and after meeting the love of his life he has finally settled in New Jersey.  In 2022, he and his wife Kelly became licensed foster parents and have a passion for fostering teenagers.

Jon has an entrepreneurial spirit with an imagination that is hard to contain. Since turning 18, Jon has also volunteered at various local churches as a kid's director and is passionate about helping individuals reach their potential. Jon is the owner of Burrington Holdings, and is President of Newly Connected, Inc. a nonprofit that provides services and housing for young adults who have aged out of the foster system. A portion of the proceeds from every gift box sold are donated to Newly Connected. For more information regarding Jon's endeavors click on the sheep icon and dive in!