How many trees can we plant together?

How many trees can we plant together?

At the core of what we believe in at Scrumptious Secrets is respect: for one another and for the planet. For us, respect is deeper than sustainability. It guides each of our artisan partnerships, the products that we choose, and our gift packaging. It guides us towards our goal of bringing each of our gift recipients closer to our Creator and more connected with the beauty of nature. 

Respect for our planet is why for every gift sold this week, a tree will be planted! We’re partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG and donating to The Canopy Project to plant a tree in honor of each gift recipient during Earth Week. They are working with communities across the globe to reforest areas in dire need of rehabilitation to let our planet and its people breathe a little easier.

Our planet gives us so much and the threats of climate change, pollution, waste, and natural disasters are only getting worse. We know that it’s crucial for each of us to take a stand, and this is one small step we can take to reducing our own carbon footprint. 

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year? What are you doing to protect our home? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to send me an email at

What are we doing? From April 18th to April 25th for every order placed or gift sent a tree will be planted!

Buy a Gift, Plant a Tree

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